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This was the first collaboration of the project which, in comparison to the others, gave me the most insight about myself as a collaborator. The presented track is the result of two, eight-hour recording sessions plus a six-hour, solitary mixing session. Due to the prolonged progression of the vocal material, maintaining a level or patience as well as achieving an unpressured working environment proved to be crucial throughout this collaboration. By the end of the sixteen hours, we had managed to record the entire structure of the track as well as doubled vocals and adlibs throughout the first verse and chorus.

Final Track

Redzman – Chat (Prod. NURSS)

Video of Session

This is a short clip from a two-hour video recording that I took of the session. As mentioned in my report, the workflow of this session was incredibly slow because there was very little vocal material prepared. This clip is a short example of what happened throughout the entire session and shows the difficulties we had during our collaboration, i.e. Redz struggling to write small amounts of material and my inability to make valuable suggestions to the content.

Digital Recording Release Form

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